1. Find your name on the list below to find the two pages you're responsible for reviewing
  2. Use the questions below to evaluate each page
  3. Correct minor typographical errors on the page itself
  4. Leave comments on the talk page for each article
  5. Fill out the evaluation form for each article
  6. Complete all of this by 3:00 PM on Monday, October 26nd, 2009.

Evaluation of the Wiki PageEdit

The Most ObviousEdit

  • Did the author create the page in the location linked from the Things You Should Know page?
  • Did the author finish the page?


  • Does the content answer the questions and subquestions listed?
  • Does the content go beyond the minimum required to form a well-rounded discussion on the topic?
  • Does the content explain the value the topic has to aerospace engineering?
  • Is the material content correct?
  • Is the content academic?


  • Does the author use proper grammar and spelling?
  • Is the text formatted in a way that makes it easy to read?
  • Does the author use headings and subheadings in a way that seems logical?
  • Are categories listed? Do they make sense for the page?


  • Does the author link to his or her profile? (Only the link is required, not the profile itself.)
  • Are there at least 5 internal links?
    • Broken links (those in red to pages that don't yet exist) are acceptable.
    • Wikipedia is not an internal link.
  • Are there links incorporated into the text such that they flow with the article?
  • Are the majority of links used internal links?
  • Are any external links valuable?
  • Are external links simply links to Wikipedia or other "first search response" items?


  • Is there at least one image?
  • Are the images useful?
  • Do they add to the understanding of the topic?
  • Are they formatted in such a way that they flow with the article?
  • Are the filename specific, descriptive and unique?
    • Examples of bad names are:
    • eqn2.3.jpg
    • Wing.jpg
    • vrteqshlft.jpg
    • 907fb27d8b118f7d913d7b434f8a5109.png
  • Are all images either created by the author or is the source listed?


  • Are there at least three good references?
  • Are references correctly listed in the text? (a list at the end with no in-line citations is not acceptable)
  • Are the references valuable to the reader?
  • Do the references show that the author looked beyond the books on his or her desk?
  • Does there appear to be any material which was not written by the author or properly quoted and cited?

Reviewer Assignments Round 1Edit

External WikiEdit

Reviewer Topic 1 Topic 2
John Bennewitz24 Drag 36 Angle of Attack
Sangin Park42 Stress and Strain 26 Momentum Equation
Jason Corman30 Shock 42 Stress and Strain
Jean-Baptiste Mercier20 Incompressible Flow 43 Aircraft Stability
Siva Harikumar43 Aircraft Stability 8 Work
Michael Jones36 Angle of Attack 11 Fluid
Brandon Sforzo50 Aerodynamic Coefficient 20 Incompressible Flow
Jonathan Herault26 Momentum Equation 50 Aerodynamic Coefficient
Faisal Ahmed8 Work 33 Elliptic Loading
Felipe Ortega11 Fluid 30 Shock
Trey Kasling33 Elliptic Loading 24 Drag

Internal WikiEdit

Reviewer Topic 1 Topic 2
Tom Ahern28 Center of Pressure 16Stream Function
Chris Argote23 Boundary Layer 7Enthalpy
Brandon Bell31 Prandtl-Meyer Expansion 23Boundary Layer
Eberhard Boemcke25 Lift 46Airfoil
William Bowden21 Navier-Stokes Equations 40Fatigue
Tim Carr29 Compressible Flow 22Friction Coefficient
Thomas Carroll16 Stream Function 52Atmospheric Properties
Johanna Ceisel44 Reference Frame 27Thin Airfoil Theory
Jade Cheong17 Potential Flow 29Compressible Flow
Alex Dessanti14 Continuity Equation 9Power
Haoyun Fu48 Aspect Ratio 5Second Law of Thermodynamics
Robbie Gill46 Airfoil 6Entropy
Jon Gladin18 Irrotational Flow 51Buckingham-Pi Theorem
Ben Havrilesko35 Breguet Range Equation 48Aspect Ratio
Ludo Hivin47 Converging-Diverging Nozzle 12Vorticity
Jeffrey Jeffrey52 Atmospheric Properties 4Internal Energy
Jesse Kallman49 Pitot Tube 47Converging-Diverging Nozzle
James Kooiman19 Divergence Theorem 45Wind Tunnel
Trevor Laughlin38 Aircraft Engines 21Navier-Stokes Equations
Anshuo Liu1 Ideal Gas 18Irrotational Flow
Angie Lowe27 Thin Airfoil Theory 14Continuity Equation
Alex Maag13 Viscosity 17Potential Flow
Jeff Moffett34 Payload Range Diagram 13Viscosity
Mike Mueller15 Reynolds Number 2Speed of Sound
Marc Mugnier5 Second Law of Thermodynamics 41V-n Diagram
Mark Nelson32 Critical Mach Number 35Breguet Range Equation
Eriks Osvalds51 Buckingham-Pi Theorem 10Pressure
Sridevi Pogaru7 Enthalpy 28Center of Pressure
Pavan Raghuram39 Thrust Equation 1Ideal Gas
Philippe Ranque45 Wind Tunnel 15Reynolds Number
William Revell22 Friction Coefficient 25Lift
John Robinson3 First Law of Thermodynamics 44Reference Frame
Will Runge6 Entropy 49Pitot Tube
Sheldon Smith9 Power 39Thrust Equation
Philip Sondervan4 Internal Energy 37Stall
Lisa Stuber40 Fatigue 19Divergence Theorem
Robert Taylor41 V-n Diagram 34Payload Range Diagram
Luis Vidal37 Stall 38Aircraft Engines
Gautham Voleti10 Pressure 3First Law of Thermodynamics
Mark Weiland2 Speed of Sound 32Critical Mach Number
Philipp Witte12 Vorticity 31Prandtl-Meyer Expansion

Reviewer Assignments Round 2Edit

External WikiEdit

Reviewer Topic 1 Topic 2
John Bennewitz42 Stress and Strain 33 Elliptic Loading
Sangin Park30 Shock 36 Angle of Attack
Jason Corman50 Aerodynamic Coefficient 11 Fluid
Jean-Baptiste Mercier8 Work 42 Stress and Strain
Siva Harikumar33 Elliptic Loading 24 Drag
Michael Jones20 Incompressible Flow 43 Aircraft Stability
Brandon Sforzo43 Aircraft Stability 30 Shock
Jonathan Herault24 Drag 8 Work
Faisal Ahmed26 Momentum Equation 50 Aerodynamic Coefficient
Felipe Ortega36 Angle of Attack 20 Incompressible Flow
Trey Kasling11 Fluid 26 Momentum Equation

Internal WikiEdit

Reviewer Topic 1 Topic 2
Tom Ahern31 Prandtl-Meyer Expansion 10Pressure
Chris Argote32 Critical Mach Number 48Aspect Ratio
Brandon Bell25 Lift 38Aircraft Engines
Eberhard Boemcke39 Thrust Equation 52Atmospheric Properties
William Bowden27 Thin Airfoil Theory 7Enthalpy
Tim Carr4 Internal Energy 13Viscosity
Thomas Carroll44 Reference Frame 25Lift
Johanna Ceisel34 Payload Range Diagram 2Speed of Sound
Jade Cheong3 First Law of Thermodynamics 39Thrust Equation
Alex Dessanti45 Wind Tunnel 22Friction Coefficient
Haoyun Fu9 Power 32Critical Mach Number
Robbie Gill15 Reynolds Number 18Irrotational Flow
Jon Gladin19 Divergence Theorem 9Power
Ben Havrilesko41 V-n Diagram 12Vorticity
Ludo Hivin7 Enthalpy 29Compressible Flow
Jeffrey Jeffrey1 Ideal Gas 19Divergence Theorem
Jesse Kallman10 Pressure 15Reynolds Number
James Kooiman14 Continuity Equation 1Ideal Gas
Trevor Laughlin13 Viscosity 34Payload Range Diagram
Anshuo Liu37 Stall 35Breguet Range Equation
Angie Lowe17 Potential Flow 5Second Law of Thermodynamics
Alex Maag16 Stream Function 37Stall
Jeff Moffett18 Irrotational Flow 40Fatigue
Mike Mueller12 Vorticity 41V-n Diagram
Marc Mugnier46 Airfoil 14Continuity Equation
Mark Nelson38 Aircraft Engines 6Entropy
Eriks Osvalds28 Center of Pressure 17Potential Flow
Sridevi Pogaru6 Entropy 21Navier-Stokes Equations
Pavan Raghuram22 Friction Coefficient 51Buckingham-Pi Theorem
Philippe Ranque40 Fatigue 44Reference Frame
William Revell47 Converging-Diverging Nozzle 27Thin Airfoil Theory
John Robinson51 Buckingham-Pi Theorem 46Airfoil
Will Runge29 Compressible Flow 28Center of Pressure
Sheldon Smith5 Second Law of Thermodynamics 49Pitot Tube
Philip Sondervan49 Pitot Tube 47Converging-Diverging Nozzle
Lisa Stuber21 Navier-Stokes Equations 16Stream Function
Robert Taylor23 Boundary Layer 45Wind Tunnel
Luis Vidal48 Aspect Ratio 3First Law of Thermodynamics
Gautham Voleti52 Atmospheric Properties 31Prandtl-Meyer Expansion
Mark Weiland35 Breguet Range Equation 23Boundary Layer
Philipp Witte2 Speed of Sound 4Internal Energy