Fixed-Wing Design is a two-part course usually taken by graduate students during their first year. The class has two primary aims:

  • To make sure students, especially those who did not study aerospace engineering as undergraduates, have a decent grasp of fundamental aerodynamic principles and techniques; and
  • To give students valuable experience in some of the lab's common methods, tools, and approaches, such as general literature searches and ModelCenter via a year-long group project known as a Grand Challenge project.

A common side-effect of the class is to teach the student a great deal more about the finer points of the Microsoft Office program suite than he or she ever expected to know.

Things You Should KnowEdit

Article CreationEdit

One of the course assignments this year is to, as a class, answer a set of questions commonly known as the "Things You Should Know Before You Graduate". In order to cover as many of the questions in detail as possible, each student will take one question and answer it both completely and succinctly. Several pages here are provided as resources for this assignment.

Article ReviewEdit

Journal papers are traditionally peer-reviewed. Wiki articles are peer-reviewed to an even greater extent. The assignment here will also be peer-reviewed.